We, RKBFM are supporting the feed industry since 1997 and from the day one we followed sincere and systematic approach in designing the feed plants. We have a team of well qualified designers, experienced manufacturing workforce and trained plant erectors to build state of the art plant as per customer‘s requirement.

While designing we take proper care in site layout for a balance in feed plant, warehouses, utilities and office. Machinery layout are based on free flow of material through gravity lines, optimum space in and around each machines for man movement and maintenance. The mill tower design takes care of proper daylight and air ventilation. We design the mill tower structure on design software STAAD-PRO.

RKBFM guarantees highly reliable process operation through 24 X 7 remote support facility as well as on site support as & when necessary.

Pelleting plant:

  • Animal feed plants (capacity 150-800 TPD)
  • Aqua feed plant (capacity 40-100 TPD)
  • Bio mass / wood pellet plant (capacity 30-150 TPD)