Steam conditioning is a vital operation in feed milling, makes pelleting / extrusion easier and efficient. By choosing right kind of conditioners provides optimum preparation of mash with right combination of heat, moisture and retention time before pelleting. A complete set of dosing feeder and conditioner(s) gives a higher throughput with perfect PDI, better gelatinized pellet and improved digestibility at low power.

Design Features

  • Material flow FIRST-IN-FIRST-OUT (FIFO) principle.
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction coupled with low energy drives.
  • Large hinged door for quick inspection, paddle adjustment and easy access for cleaning.
  • Solid or hollow conditioner shaft as per application and torsional power.
  • Conditioner shaft having flat seat with tapped holes for fixed positioning of paddles.
  • Forged steed hardened paddles in different shapes for homogenous mixing.
  • Provision of height and angular adjustment of paddles for near zero leftover.
  • Multiple orifice steam injection manifold with individual control distributes steam evenly.
  • Power transmission through direct shaft mounted geared motor makes the unit compact.
  • Conditioner shaft is mounted on bearings with grease seals for long duty hours.

Optional Features

  • Excellent moisture absorption and sufficient retention time for proper gelatinization.
  • Different models for high degree of customization.
  • Real time process control through PLC for feed temperature, retention time and fill level control.
  • Fill level of the conditioner barrel can be varied as per the steam absorption requirement of the feed.
  • Variable rotor shaft speed for optimum conditioning.